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Focus on the Master in Management

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With 97% of its graduats hired less than 4 months after graduation, the Master in Management trains students in advanced management studies (Master) and prepares them to become responsible managers, marked by a sense of commitment. At the end of the programme, students will have developed a triple specialisation (role, sector, geo-cultural zone) according to their personal and professional goals; and thanks to a hands-on experience (9 months in-company training). Over the same period they will have worked on personal dimensions such as self-knowledge and self-esteem and become well-rounded individuals with a high level of employability.

 Graduation ©
The degree awarded by the ESC La Rochelle programme is internationally recognized.The accreditations and quality labels achieved by the programme guarantee its academic excellence, its international perspective, the high quality of student support and graduate employment prospects and the excellent facilities and working environment.

During the first year, the student choose to major in a specific ''geocultural zone''. Those majors aim to train students to the particularities of doing business in that area of the world, to its cultural dimensions, economic, social, legal and political environment and to the international strategies of the companies.

During the last year core courses have a strong strategic and systemic dimension (development of the student ability to analyse and summarise, anticipation and risk management).

Students choose a functional specialization, a major in accordance with their professional project. This choice will determine their career guidance after graduating from the school. It goes along with the choice of an industry specialization studied as a minor.

This third year ends with a long-term executive placement (6 months) and by the post-graduate research paper.

At the end of their training path, students can earn credits towards one of the 9 ESC/post-graduate degree programmes offered by La Rochelle Business School. Dual skill sets are of particular interest for recruiters. Thanks to a high level of expertise in the sector or role they have selected, students enter the professional world more quickly and earn higher salaries.  ·        

Professional prospects 

  • 97% of graduates are hired 4 months after earning their degree
  • Annual starting salaries (average) : 33 800€
  • Annual salaries after 3 years (average) : 41 200€

Geographical distribution of graduates abroad *

  • United-Kingdom(20%)
  • Netherlands (10%)
  • Spain (10%)
  • Ireland (8%)
  • Mexico (8%)
  • Germany (8%)
  • China (8%)
  • Luxembourg (4%)
  • West Indies (4%)
  • Italy (4%)
  • Luxembourg (4%)
  • USA (4%)
  • Portugal (4%)
  • Morocco (4%)

14 апреля 2014 г. tagИнституциональной
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Interview with Mrs Laurent Collin, Director of Master in management
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