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Our difference: Humacité


"In setting out to discover others, you learn more about yourself"

 Humacité ©

The HUMACITE programme is a 2 to 5-month period in which all students, whatever their course of study at La Rochelle Business School, dedicate themselves to a humanitarian, social or civic initiative, in France or abroad, working closely with populations in great difficulty.

It offers each student the opportunity to experience a unique human adventure that is fundamental for his or her personal development and often a decisive factor in the choice of a career path. 
Participation is mandatory, supervised and evaluated. Completion of HUMACITE is required to earn a degree.

Students are prepared in advance for this original adventure. 15 to 30 hours of classes, depending on the degree programme, are provided in humanitarian issues, preparation of the project, expatriation, commitment, social awareness... Each student is provided with methodological tools and receives personalised support from the school's teams, ensuring that this adventure is an unforgettable success.

18 марта 2014 г. tagПедагогика
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