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4 июня 2013 г. tagИнституциональной, tagПедагогика

Interview with Olivier Maillard, Associate Dean, Faculty and Program

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Olivier Maillard, associate Dean of La Rochelle Business School talks about the brand new MBA in Services Management. With the help of two international students from the program, they answer questions from prospective students all over the world. Video of the chat is in French, but text transcription in English is available.

To see the full video, click on the player below (opens in a new tab)

Hi, and welcome to this chat about ESC la Rochelle presenting MBA Services managment

Olivier Maillard: It's a pleasure to be here and I'll do my best to answer to all your questions. .. Why this MBA? We've decided to lean on our best assets to create this MBA. ..

Zhafida_18@hotmail.fr : What kind of entrance condition ? How to get a visa ?
Olivier Maillard: Entrance conditions are quite simple. There is an oral exam, which is mainly a motivational interview. It lasts about 20 minutes. It can be held on Skype or some other place like an international high school. Then you also have a 10-minute-interview in English. Jean-Pierre: You need at least a four-year or five-year undergraduate degree. You also have to fulfill a form. It's only when your application form has been examined that you can take the oral exams. ..

Pierre : Hi, is there any second foreign language interview ?
Olivier Maillard: no there is no second foreign language oral exam. ..

mary : Hi, how big is the jury ?
Boxuan: My interview was on Skype with a jury of two people. They asked me mainly about my career plan. Then I had an interview in English. Olivier Maillard: Jury is often composed of a member of the academic team and a professional. Jean-Pierre: I was a bit worried of my level of English. But I eventually made it. Olivier Maillard: Jean-Pierre and Boxuan undertake the French pathway. There is also an anglo-saxon pathway. ..

Django : Do we have to master French during the interview ?
Olivier Maillard: If you choose the French pathway, the answer is yes. There is minimum level of French required to enter our school and get a visa. We offer our english speaking students to learn french. ..

Lanabou : Do foreign students need to go through the french regular campus process ? If they do, is your school part of the French Campus schools ? Finally, how to get in this program ? On what condition ?
Olivier Maillard: Yes, we are connected to Campus France. We do have a partnership. All the information regarding the entrance process is online. You need at least a three-year-undergraduate degree. And you have to post online, on time, an application form. In case you're eligible, you'll have to take the two interviews I've just talked about. Jean-Pierre: Congo isn't part of Campus France programme. I managed to gain the support of other structures. This was a long process with the Embassy. Olivier Maillard: This is our duty to help those students with this long path. ..

Petr : One question to the students : what were your motivations to enter this MBA ? Why in La Rochelle ?
Boxuan: I graduated (3-year-degree) in 2009 in China. Then I worked in Africa for two year. Then I wanted to go and study in France. I looked up for information on the website of Group Sup de co La Rochelle. And then I found a program that totally suited my needs. Jean-Pierre: I'm an agricultural engineer, and I've worked for 6 years. But I was missing some tools to improve my skill, especially in management. Despite of my skills my missions remained mostly operational. I looked up for an MBA linked to my job, and I found this MBA specialized in Services Management. Olivier Maillard: We are legitimate, as we perfectly know the services sector. ..

Franck : Hi, are you more demanding during the interview since we have a 3 year undergraduate degree ?
Olivier Maillard: I do think that we can be demanding. A three-year-undergraduate degree is already a high level degree, with strong professional experiences, thanks to the internships already done. We do have to be demanding, we owe it to students. ..

Thomas : Hi, what does "think laterally, act differently" mean ?
Olivier Maillard: this a mind set. You learn how to be open-minded, be aware of the world you live in, become a leader. We expect a MBA to teach you how to have a global vision, and especially a social and societal vision. ..

Gael : Is it possible to get a major from year one ?
Olivier Maillard: Students can either choose : - international purchase - Environment - Tourism - Finance They'll have to make that choice during semester 2. ..

clo : How do classes work ? Are they taught by professionals ?
Olivier Maillard: The place made to professionals in the program is really important. They also teach. And they also help students in their case-study works. Jean-Pierre: For instance, we do present our work to companies. School always connect students and professionals. They all are highly-skilled. Boxuan: We have several projects during our pathway. We work in group and we are often in direct connection with companies. This is something really important to me. Olivier Maillard: The goal is to ensure best employability on graduation to our students. And the best way to do so is to be taught by professionals! This is the only way to remain up to date, and to stick to reality. The whole ecosystem of the school has to be company-oriented. ..

Tommy : Hi, Is the MBA program available in company sponsored mode ?
Olivier Maillard: Most of 10 options can be undertaken in the company-sponsored mode. This is only in year 2, so far. Year 1 is made to get the basics. ..

Solène : Hi, I'd like to know if you help us getting internships ?
Olivier Maillard: Internships are really important. It represents about 8 to 10 months of internships over two years. We can only help students, support them, but we cannot place them. This is their job to find an internship. Students have to show some autonomy, they are future MBA graduates! Of course, we do support them. This is sometimes a bit difficult for overseas students. Boxuan: School provides us with resources and tools to find an internship. It helps us a lot. I'm currently doing my internship at Siemens in Paris. The school helped me meet Purchasing manager. Jean-Pierre: I had been advised to look for an internship in advance, as it would certainly be a difficult procedure. I eventually found an internship thanks to the school. I'm a project manager, in an Foundation, in the energy saving sector. ..

Arthur : hi, how do your 'seminars' work ?
Olivier Maillard: I guess you mean "modules", if I get it right. We welcome highly skilled professionals during a short period, in order to provide you with a very specialized training in a specific sector. ..

Etienne : A question to students : How do you see your training ? what are its strengths ?
Boxuan: It's a high quality training. We learn about management theories during year one. During year 2 we undergo a more specialized and professional pathway. Jean-Pierre: The program does fit my goals. I wanted to learn how to use management methods and tools, and still keep a connection with sustainable development. This is exactly what I learnt. I didn't even know the sustainable development concept, as nobody talks about it in my country. I'll be able to raise people's awareness, so as to make them think of future generations. And it is totally connected to my former training in agriculture and biodiversity. Jean-Pierre: I've discovered what's at stakes with sustainable development. I've learnt how to make people aware of those issues, and how to implement within an company a sustainable development policy. Olivier Maillard: We hope we'll get soon the AACSB accreditations. ..

vaneau : how is life for resident or foreign national students on the campus ?
Boxuan: We get great support, with the administration procedures and to find accommodation. The school found my accomodation. I live in a very nice family. La Rochelle is a beautiful city. Jean-Pierre: Welcome was great. The school gave me a list of contacts, that helped me to find an accommodation before I leave Congo. Administrative team really make things easier, and helps us a lot with all the procedures. La Rochelle is a beautiful city, next to the sea, much appreciated by toursits. And it's one of the very few towns that do care about environmental issues : how to preserve the ecosystem, bicycles, electric vehicles, etc. Olivier Maillard: We highly industrialized overseas students welcome. We help them with all their administrative procedures: visa, accomodation, health, etc We will also implement a grant and scholarship system for next year. ..

Karolina : Can foreign students take part to the associative school spirit by proposing new clubs and associations ?
Olivier Maillard: This is a good way to get acquainted with french culture, and to meet people. This is mostly for Year 1, as in Year 2 with the company-sponsored mode it gets more complicated. It's also a good networking opportunity. Boxuan: Every Thursday during year 1 can be dedicated to associative life. ..

Aude : What is this "leadership summercamp" ?
Olivier Maillard: It takes place at the very beginning of the program. It's an opportunity to get to know each other. It generally takes place by the end of August / beginning of September. It's outside the campus. It's a great opportunity to learn how to behave in a team an develop important qualities like leadership. ..

Lilou : What are the employment rates after the MBA ? What are the more common paths afterward ? thanks
Olivier Maillard: 85% of the students find a job in a 6-month period. Company-sponsored mode is a really great way to get a job. ..

Fabienne : Hi, do you have any partnerships with banks to help with payment ?
Olivier Maillard: Financing issue is really important. Expanses are high for overseas students. There are some grants and scholarships in some cases. Bank loans can also be granted at very interesting rates (2%). This is important to get prepared in advance, and to have a financing plan. This is a life project you have to prepare. ..

Thank you all. One final word to conclude this interview ?
Boxuan: I highly recommend La Rochelle School to all students. It helped me open my eyes and my mind, and find internships. Jean-Pierre: I also recommend Sup de Co La Rochelle. And as far as I'm concerned I'll also get a double degree from Poitier University. These degrees are highly sought by professionals. Olivier Maillard: If you plan to work in services at an international level, we do propose the training you need to make your project work!
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Associate Dean, Faculty and Program
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